6 Immune Boosters Daily during Covid-19 Self-Quarantine.

Yes we all aren’t sure when will they ever release a cure for the virus that’s threatening the entire world on lockdown. But we can do our part by intaking daily food boosters to strengthen our immune system.

Here are 6 food to strengthen your immune system and ways to intake them daily.

Green tea

Add honey to taste.


Add Lemon slices to your daily drinking water.

Drink a glass every 2 hours

Garlic & Tumeric

Add garlic and tumeric in your cooking for both lunch and dinner.

Experiment with your cooking techniques ways to increase to your liking of taste.


Add spinach to your citrus fruit afternoon shakes.

This drink will increases your body’s ability to absorb many of the beneficial nutrients in spinach.


Boil slice ginger for 10 minutes and add honey.

Having fresh Ginger tea in the evening helps with digestion or in the morning to detox your body.

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Unbothered Girl

I am just another human sharing my journey, knowledge and experiences I have come about. I love pretty much everything to do with wellbeing, art, music, adventure, beauty, fashion, food and fitness.

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