Covid-19 Self-Quarantine

Week 3

So I’m stuck in the house at a small town in Bayern, Germany called “Wildflecken” during this Covid19 Self-quarantine. I couldn’t be any happier being safe with no signs of the virus.

I’m one in a million traveller with so many plans of visiting different parts of Europe now cancelled awaiting the news of when it shall be lifted. Yes I know it’s hard not to focus on the headlines, the uncertainty and the heartache. We’re all leaning on each other for support during these tough times.

But it really does has it’s perks. I am spending more time with my loved ones strengthening our bonds, playing board games for the first time in 15 years. I have forgotten how much fun it is. Challenging myself to learn something new everyday is a priority.

So It’s now our 3rd week of isolation in Germany and here’s what we’ve been up to.

Everyday after sharing breakfast together, everyone gets on with their work from home while I try find something to do. Wether it’s cleaning, indulging in a hot bath, facial and pampering myself with some great spotify playlist, or just scrolling through YouTube DIY videos in hoping to learn something new. By midday we all share a lunch meal together and by 6pm it’s our time to hit some weights together. Yes we have a gym at home lucky. We then share dinner together and some games before bed. It’s not boring at all.

On the weekends we would go for a nice walk with the family in the forest. My partner’s aunty Moni, would cook some German dishes and bake delicious cakes to have with some coffees after our walk.

We would sit on the dinning table for hours talking and sharing our knowledge, experiences and funny moments with each other and ways to improve ourselves. Self-Quarantine isn’t so bad after all, it’s help us enjoy our presence even more.

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Unbothered Girl

I am just another human sharing my journey, knowledge and experiences I have come about. I love pretty much everything to do with wellbeing, art, music, adventure, beauty, fashion, food and fitness.

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