COVID-19 Fear

The excitement to leave New Zealand for Germany last weekend came in the same time as my fears of being caught with Coronavirus at our stopover airports. As we packed our bags we made sure we had our facemasks and antibacterial handwash and handwipes handy.

There were not many people in the Auckland airport wearing facemask, but you can also feel and see the fear in people’s eyes as they nervously stare at us whilst lining up to go through custom.

When we arrived at our Melbourne stopover there were many more facemask worn, and in our Dubai stopover were a much larger number of facemask worn by travellers for the fear of Covid-19.

Yes I understand that wearing a facemask heightens the axiety of people that aren’t wearing any and makes it seem as if the virus is nearby and spreading. So wearing our facemask was more like a superstitious behavior which we were pretty much aware of.

Our flight from Auckland to Frankfurt on the 7th March 2020.

Watching the news 24/7 about COVID-19 always stresses me out, that I’m left constantly worried.
I find the media to be exaggerating and I’m sure I’m not the only one in alot of stress from it.

I believe it is very important that we are informed with the right amount of information which i have found from established authoritative sources, like our Local Health Organization’s website. They can help soothe anxiety and most importantly provide concrete directions for disease prevention, like washing your hands frequently and keeping your distance from people who are actively sick.

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